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Mimzi Schradi

Mimzi Schradi Profile Picture

Mimzi Schradi draws upon the colors in her life experiences and imagination to compose her stories. Into these stories, she weaves her love of nature, as well as her appreciation for the arts.


Living on an island in the Pacific Northwest, she resides among the evergreens, the cliffs, and the wildlife that signify the Puget Sound area. Her family and friends on both the East and West Coasts, she cherishes—both past and present as they are a part of her and she welcomes the new members that will appear in the future—and become part of her present.


Her first book, PsyChic in Seattle, is about a missing persons detective, Tangie Seraphina, and her adventures in Seattle, Washington, and Kodiak, Alaska. Book Two in the series, Frantic in Fiji, also a romantic thriller, takes place in Fiji, Seattle, and in Newport, Rhode Island.

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