Mountain Ridge

2022 Contest

"Since its creation in 1958, the Skagit Valley Writers League has produced an anthology every few years, to give its members yet another opportunity to display their work, and to provide readers with an opportunity to access it. This year (2021), the effort was organized as a contest, in three categories: short story, creative nonfiction, and poetry" The League will now make the publication of an anthology a yearly event with the inclusion of aspiring League members, community writers and students who too may be seeking a path to publication. Contest participants will receive access to League media-sponsored training and editorial services prior to the contest judging and anthology publication. Interested parties can find a listing of Contest Rules, Contest Categories, and Fees will be posted on this Webpage in March of each calendar year.

 2022 Contest Winners


First Place,

Medina, By Naomi Wark

Second Place

A Dreadful Day,

By Margo Cunningham 

Honorable Mention

Grandma's Gift

By Linda Moore Kurth

 First Place

Rain, By Mimzi Schradi

Second Place

A Sonnet, By Mimzi Schradi

Honorable Mention

Sunbreak on the Sound,

By Deborah Magnuson

Smoke of My Prayer,

By Gloria Two-Feathers



 First Place

Just an Old Dead Tree,

By BJ McCall

Second Place

The Pet Trap,

By Naomi Wark

Honorable Mention

A Bruised and Swollen Face,

By Darlene Dubayy

 Tales for a Lazy Afternoon


 Skagit River Anthology 


 Skagit River Anthology II