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Bruce Lawson

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Writer Bruce Lawson is fortunate to have been born in the Puget Sound area and raised in the unique surroundings of the Northwest. When three of his five grandchildren moved to Virginia he would write simple short stories weekly for their mother to read to them at bedtime. One of these stories, The Gray Rabbi with Black Ears is published in the Anthology, Tales for a Lazy Afternoon.


Other short stories became chiling adventure tales of bear encounters in the wilds of Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. A coming-of-age novel is in the works. In 2021 Bruce received a Literary Award from Skagit Valley Writers League for his nonfiction story The French Doll published in the Skagit River Anthology published in 2021. He also received an Honorable mention from Write on the Sound for his short The Car Salesman's Bear in 2017.

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